Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's Up Wednesday #3

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme, started by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk, geared to help readers and writers touch base and let them know what's up. If you want join in, you can find the link widget on Jaime's and Erin's blogs!

Still on the book Bloodfire by Helen Harper. It's alright, a fairly good read, but I'm not going to be reading the second book I don't think. The characters just don't have enough depth to keep me going. :/

Yay! Today's the first day of Ready. Set. Write! For more info on that, check out Jaime's blog, it's a great kick-in-the-pants for summer writing and today is the first day! :)

I'm not going to go very big at first, so I'm setting pretty realistic goals considering how much I've got going on this summer:

I'm going to write AT LEAST two chapters a week

Yeah, not that impressive, but hopefully I'll be able to write more than that each week - and I'll be writing really, really good chapters instead of meh ones. :)

All of the wonderful people who came up with this great idea, and everyone participating! :) And the usual, music, life in general. 

Spending a lot of time with my family, going to a million graduation parties, and enjoying the nice weather! Well, some of the weather is nice, and some of it hasn't been so fabulous, but considering the weather we had for winter, there are no complaints coming from me! :)

Good luck to everyone else participating in Ready. Set. Write! and I'll see y'all next week. (:


  1. I think your writing goal is perfect. I wish I'd been a little less ambitious with mine, to be honest. (I actually went back in and revised them a bit, but I still think I'm overshooting.) Happy to hear that you're enjoying your summer so far! Good luck with your writing this week. :)

  2. So glad to hear you have great weather! And what better way than to spend it with the family? I think those are great writing goals. And yes, 2 chapters a weeks is a terrific accomplishment.

  3. That's a good idea to start out small on the goals. Life happens, but the commitment to keep writing is great.
    And yeah, I know what it's like to be in the middle of the thousand-and-one grad parties. I enjoy them, but it's a little overwhelming to be gone every. single. weekend.

  4. Sometimes I think the small goals are the best ones to have because you don't overwhelm yourself. Good luck!

  5. Well, I think two chapters is VERY impressive! So, go YOU! And so glad you're joining us for Ready. Set. WRITE!

    I hope you have a wonderful writing week!

  6. I agree-- I'm inspired by the ladies that thought this up, too. I'm so glad they did. Good luck with your writing goals!

  7. Two chapters a week? That's way better than I ever do...somehow it seems to take me twice as long to write one chapter than I plan on! Sounds like a great goal, and I hope you make it. I'll be here cheering you on!

  8. I think two chapters a week is really impressive! I tend to write long chapters, but still! I also like that you plan on writing really good chapters on the first go. I'm a slow writer, because I like to mull things over as I write. Give yourself a pat on the back, because that's a great goal! :)